Doctrin Reach

Patient focused communications and care

Doctrin Reach allows you to proactively reach out to patients, automating communications and tranforming their care. Simple, fast and safe digital patient communications replacing mail and phone calls.

With Doctrin Reach you can contact your patients when you need to and in the way that suits you best. Send a digital review questionnaire, request for a blood test, offer appointments and more - as a one off contact or follow up, or schedule automated contact with the patient on a regular basis .

Improve your pre-visit or admission planning by capturing crucial information beforehand. Free up time by preparing digital sendouts and schedule them for a later date.

Smart communication tools enable you to follow up on patients and their progress, deliver annual checks, appointments and provide test results digitally. Allowing you to contact the patient in your own time, knowing the patient has received the information and allowing patients to provide a response or ask follow-up questions at a time that best suits them.

Doctrin Reach makes patient communications efficient, giving your care staff more control over their time while your patients receive the information they need when they need it. Digital first, with physical follow up as needed

Always included

Doctrin Source

World-class medical content and questionnaires capturing each patient’s concerns and medical history. Adapted to your specific care setting to help increase efficiency while maintaining quality of care.

Doctrin Analytics

Our analytics tool & dashboards gives you and your staff the information you need to continuously and dynamically improve operations.

Doctrin Way

Our experienced implementation team will work with you every step of the way. Ensuring you realise the maximum benefits from the platform to get the most out of your investment.

The care navigation platform that grows with you

Our product packages are set up to provide you with the platform solution best suited to your needs. Compare our package features to find you a perfect fit.

Our medical catalogue

Choose from more than 700 forms to build a medical library that best meets your needs.

Our packages

Doctrin Collaborate

Digitalise your practice the easy way with one digital entry point for patients and smart collaboration tools for staff.

Doctrin Network

Use our care navigation platform to seamlessly navigate your patients across the whole care system.

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