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The healthcare system struggles with a lack of resources - we want to change that

With founders with a background in healthcare, we are passionate about radically improving healthcare. Our platform and medical content frees up time and simplifies communication and collaboration. We want to make it easier for our customers to help more patients.

Our platform supports the entire patient journey

Patienten tar kontakt
The patient can initiate a healthcare contact anytime and from anywhere

Regardless of the search reason or time of day, a first digital contact is always available.

Säker inloggning
Safe and secure login

Security pervades every aspect of our platform. All data transmission is encrypted in accordance with GDPR and local market regulations and requirements.

Grundlig anamnes
The patient can fill in his or her medical history at a time and place that suits them

Our dynamic forms are adapted to the search cause, gender, age and symptoms to create an experience tailored to each patients needs.

Överskådlig rapport
Comprehensive and easily understood medical report

The medical history is automatically compiled into a comprehensive and clear report that enables fast and accurate clinical decisions.

Rätt vårdnivå
The right healthcare level for more efficient healthcare

The care provider chooses which search causes and patient groups are received by which profession, so that each patient case is triaged quickly and efficiently to the most appropriate team or individual to meet their needs.

Effektiva vårdmöten
Flexible healthcare contacts via chat and video

Easy-to-use communication tools for both patients and care providers.

Utredning, behandling...
Smoother collaboration to enable integrated care

Simplified collaboration, more efficient workflows and secure communication between units  that gives the patient access to the care provider's entire offering.

You always get this with us

Advanced medical content

Dynamic forms that are automatically translated into a comprehensive medical report, enabling fast and accurate medical decisions.

Change management team

Our experienced change management team will support you throughout to ensure a successful digitalisation journey.

User-friendly tools

Our platform is easy to implement and use, regardless of previous digital experience.

Approved medical technology product

All transmitted data is encrypted and processed in accordance with the Swedish Patient Data Act, European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the requirements and regulations for each of our markets.

Our packages

Choose the package that suits your needs. Combine it with our medical packages that contain over 700 dynamic forms across care settings.

Our packages

Doctrin Access
New Project-4

The easiest way to digitalise your practice for increased accessibility and efficiency.

Doctrin Collaborate
Group 28-2

Harness the power of your entire business through simplified collaboration to deliver smoother person-centric healthcare.

Doctrin Network
Group 26

Simplify communication and collaboration across units for seamless and integrated care.

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