Wetterhälsan is Jönköping's most extensive private care provider with 20
15 October 2020

“We never want to go back to how we worked before” Wetterhälsan about the Digital Way of Working

Wetterhälsan is Jönköping’s most extensive private care provider with 20,000 listed patients across three health centers in the city. District nurse Sofia Rahm is one of those who have been involved in implementing Doctrin’s digital platform at Wetterhälsan.  In this interview, Sofia talks about the benefits of the digital tool, challenges with the implementation, and how it has affected their work and their patients’ meetings. Wetterhälsan has covered over 33,000 digital cases since implementing Doctrin, with an average of 100 cases per day. 
“The reason why we wanted to do this work is that we want to deliver excellent care to our residents.”

Says Sofia and continues: “Today, it is not at all strange that you log in with BankID whenever you have to do your banking. That is the goal we also have – that you should be able to seek help from your health center and carry out the tasks you have directly, and that we have the solution there digitally.”

“Our patients are satisfied; 90% of patients recommend this service to other patients, and about the same number, around 90%, consider themselves to have received sufficient information from the digital platform.”

You can see more of Sofia’s platform experience in the clip below


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