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Analytics and Dashboards

Empower your practice with data-driven decision making

With digital case management, you gain a comprehensive overview of how, where, and which cases are handled at your practice. With Doctrin Analytics, you can view and extract data at any time on case management in real-time

What is Doctrin Analytics?

Doctrin Analytics is our tool for operational analysis, offering you access to analyses and overviews of real-time data. With its user-friendly interface, you can analyse your workflows and configure operations based on patient and staff needs.

Parameters to evaluate and quantify with Doctrin Analytics

Patient satisfaction

Reasons for contact

Case management

Patient demography

Number of patient-initiated cases

Patient satisfaction

Reasons for contact

Case management

Number of healthcare professional-initiated cases

Breakdown of cases per day and hour

Waiting time statistics

Data on case duration

Dropout statistics

Data on case outcomes

Video call statistics

Patient flow across professions

Number of closed cases per profession

Execute a data-driven operational strategy

Collect data

All cases handled in the platform in your practice are collated in real-time on your dashboard


Continuously monitor and evaluate data points, including patient satisfaction, the number of cases, and reasons for contact

Take action

Make informed, data-driven decisions in operational development.

Why Doctrin Analytics?

Plan scheduling based on patient flows and needs

Evaluate the practice’s skills needs

Enable data-driven operational development