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Implementation and support

Get implementation support throughout the entire digitalisation journey

Staff on the healthcare frontline are crucial for the successful implementation of a new digital work method. We have developed a clear model that creates the right conditions for you to successfully drive the process of operational changes. We call it Doctrin Way.

What is Doctrin Way?

Our experienced implementation team trains your staff and helps you implement the communication platform to ensure that you fully benefit from your digitalisation investment. We also have regular events and webinars to train and update staff on the platform. 

Define goals and work method

We collaborate to outline your digitalization goals and help tailor work methods to meet them.

Implementation and training

We train your staff in best practices for a safe start and assist in platform implementation and configuration to meet your preferences.

Platform launch and monitoring

You get support at the launch of the platform as well as continuous monitoring.

Why Doctrin Way?

Simple and secure process for onboarding of staff

Support for operational configuration

Staff training

Experience from over 350 implementations

Quick and accessible support

A digital assistance hub featuring user-friendly guides on platform functionalities


Doctrin’s Helpcenter supports you in your daily work

All Doctrin platform users have access to an up-to-date Helpcenter where best practices and the latest news are presented in an educational format, providing valuable support for daily platform operations.