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For Primary Care Networks

Unleash the power of your primary care network

Empower your healthcare professionals with tools that improve what matters most

Give your PCN and practice staff first class support to determine the best course of action – ensuring patients see the right healthcare professional from the outset. The platform’s collaboration hub enables multi-disciplinary teams to support the patient in the long-term, should they need referrals to other services such as the third sector and social care.

With Doctrin you can


Structured medical history report


Efficient triage to the most appropriate individual or profession


Team chat and handovers within and across practices


Possibility to connect and collaborate between multiple practices

How it works

The key to PCN Success

Smarter use of staff across network

enabling cross unit capacity building and load balancing

More efficient patient flows

taking patient satisfaction to a whole new level

Complete information sharing

with seamless integrations with EPRs, such as SystmOne, across the healthcare ecosystem

Guide: The key to PCN success 

In this guide, we delve into the evolving landscape of healthcare technology, focusing particularly on the role and significance of care navigation platforms.

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Prioritising Information Security


An international standard that describes best practices for a management system for information security.

Cyber Essentials Plus

Focuses on protecting organisations against a number of common cyber threats, and specialises in countering harmful programs distributed via the Internet and cyber attacks.

Data Security Protection Toolkit (DSPT)

A tool for organisations to demonstrate that they practice good data security and fulfil legal requirements, especially those covering patient and personal data.