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Collaboration tools

Digital collaboration for a more patient-centered healthcare

To truly centre the patient in healthcare, effective work methods and collaborative tools are essential. Doctrin equips you with digital tools, making it easy to seek advice from colleagues, transfer cases, or bring the healthcare team together around the patient.

What are digital collaboration tools?

In Doctrin’s platform, the caregiver’s view offers numerous opportunities for collaboration with colleagues and coordination of patients’ healthcare. Enjoy the convenience of a straightforward case management system, complete with a medical history report and a chat feature that can be securely shared between units with the patient’s consent.

With Doctrin you are empowered to

Host collaborative video consultations

Invite colleagues and take part in chats or video meetings with your patients

Transfer patient cases to another unit

Transfer patients to specialists at another healthcare unit, or within your own

Team chat

Invite colleagues to discuss patient cases in a digital meeting room or group chat

Why collaborate in Doctrin?

Secure sharing of complete patient information with the patient’s NHS number

Team chat for easier collaboration

Digital referrals and handover function

Digital meeting rooms for video meetings

Take healthcare collaboration to the next level with Doctrin Network

Doctrin’s platform has the functionality to create an entire healthcare ecosystem. With Doctrin Network it’s possible to connect healthcare units, allowing staff to hand over cases between units, or be invited to consult in a case at a different unit than their own, all in the same interface.

Learn about Doctrin Network