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Doctrin Collaborate

Implement digital entry point and medical history taking

The easiest way to digitalise your patient communication and collaborate internally
Doctrin’s platform includes such things as:

Digital entry point for patients with secure login.

Automatic questionnaires for patients to complete

Medical history reports

Chat and video

Doctin Reach

Initiate and automate communication

Simplifies the healthcare team’s one-way and two-way communication with patients.
Everything that’s a part of Collaborate, as well as:

Digital and secure sendouts to patients of things like test results, referrals or info

Questionnaires for monitoring of such things as chronic diseases

Send the same information to several patients with one click

Doctrin Network

Collaborate between units and transfer cases

Takes integrated healthcare to the next level
Everything that’s a part of Reach, as well as:

Hand over patients to another unit directly with the help of NHS number

Communicate with colleagues within and across units

Hand over the case to another unit


Medical history taking Collaborate Reach Network
Digital entry point for patients via the Internet and telephone system (Optional) (Optional)
Secure login
Automatic questionnaires
Medical history reports
Medical content with forms
Communication tools Collaborate Reach Network
Chat, with phrase templates, questionnaires and attachments
Video calls
Prioritise cases, with priority numbers
Team chat
Control Tower – live data for staff
Automatic routing of cases by profession
Automatic information texts
Cancellations and rescheduling with deep links
Notifications, SMS or email
Sendouts, contact patients
Questionnaires for monitoring of chronic disease healthcare
Sendouts to multiple recipients Add-on Add-on Add-on
Meeting rooms (groups several participants in a video call Add-on Add-on Add-on
Collaboration tools Collaborate Reach Network
Invite colleagues internally
Hand over to colleagues internally
Propose other units directly to patients
Invite colleagues from other units
Hand over cases to another unit
Team chat, across units
Automatic handover to another unit
Analysis tool in real-time
Icluding the following data points:
Collaborate Reach Network
Patient satisfaction
Reasons for contact
Case management
Patient demography
Number of patient-initiated cases
Number of healthcare professional-initiated cases
Breakdown of cases per day and hour
Waiting time statistics
Data on case duration
Dropout statistics
Data on case outcomes
Video call statistics
Patient flow across professions
Number of closed cases per profession
Support and implementation support Collaborate Reach Network
Doctrin’s Help Center and FAQ
Personal onboarding and work methods training Add-on Add-on Add-on

Integrate Doctrin seamlessly into your current systems

Doctrin’s platform integrates with several of healthcare’s popular systems and solutions. We also offer APIs with the capability to retrieve data, for example, for analyses and business development.

Contact us to obtain more information about how we can integrate Doctrin into your existing IT environment.

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