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Smart digital triage

Powerful medical history reports with instant decision support

Doctrin’s smart medical history taking stands out with its impressive medical content and flexible forms. This gives room for human interaction and allows you to automate those processes that create the most value for you.  

What is smart digital triage?

In order to instantly provide the right healthcare, the correct decisional basis is needed. This is made possible in Doctrin’s communication platform with its intelligent information gathering.

Doctrin’s smart medical history-taking consists of two elements: a CE-marked medical device, Doctrin Source, and medical content with over 1,000 forms. A market leader decision support system for those of you working in healthcare, whatever sector you are in.

How it works


Contact initiated

The patient or caregiver makes digital contact and starts a case.


Information gathering

The patient fills in a dynamic form adapted to their search cause, gender, age and symptoms, for a patient-centered and situation-specific medical history.


Reports with instant decision support

The patient’s answers are automatically compiled into a report, visible to both the patient and healthcare staff in Doctrin’s communication platform. The report accompanies the patient throughout their entire healthcare journey.

Why choose Doctrin’s smart digital triage

Impressive medical reports that provide good decisional basis

Instant start with ready-made medical content

Choice of different ready-made packages for different types of operations

Fully configurable medical history and information gathering based on specific needs

Streamlined handling of administrative cases, such as cancellations and rescheduling, prescription renewals or patient questions

Refer cases to the right profession at the unit or in the organisation, with an accompanying medical report

How we work with our medical content

The medical content is the core of Doctrin’s communication platform. Our medical team has healthcare experience and works ceaselessly to develop our medical content together with our customers and users. We have an extensive library with over 1,000 medical forms that are constantly subject to quality controls and development. 

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