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Our Platform

A care navigation platform for the entire patient journey

Our NHS-proven platform improves patient-centred care and collaboration

Ensure safe and secure digital communication between your patients and healthcare staff. With Doctrin’s easy-to-use digital tools, you can enhance accessibility for patients, promote person-centred care, and encourage collaboration between colleagues and units.

Proven benefits of digiphysical healthcare



more patients get to meet the same care professional



more patient consultations handled per clinically worked hour



of patients would recommend Doctrin to others

This is the Doctrin care navigation platform

The Doctrin platform supports improved patient communication, case management, and collaboration among healthcare professionals. With digital tools for analysis and statistics, as well as APIs and integrations, the platform enables healthcare providers to seamlessly navigate patients across the entire care system, while fostering collaboration between units and professions

Prioritising Information Security


An international standard that describes best practices for a management system for information security.

Cyber Essentials Plus

Focuses on protecting organisations against a number of common cyber threats, and specialises in countering harmful programs distributed via the Internet and cyber attacks.

Data Security Protection Toolkit (DSPT)

A tool for organisations to demonstrate that they practice good data security and fulfil legal requirements, especially those covering patient and personal data.

Why choose Doctrin?

Smart digital triage

Doctrin’s smart medical history taking automates repetitive processes to make room for human interaction.
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Quick-start with ready-made medical content

Fully configurable medical history gathering based on specific needs

Powerful medical history reports that provide you with decision support instantly