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The next generation care navigation platform

Connecting patients with the right care, at the right time

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Data Security and Protection Toolkit
Registered Class 1 Medical Device

A care navigation platform for the entire patient journey

For healthcare providers looking for the next generation digital healthcare solutions, Doctrin offers a digital triage and care navigation platform, which helps healthcare providers transform how and where care is delivered. 

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Why Doctrin?

Smart digital triage

Doctrin’s smart medical history taking automates repetitive processes to make room for human interaction.
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Quick-start with ready-made medical content

Fully configurable medical history gathering based on specific needs

Powerful medical history reports that provide you with decision support instantly

Said about Doctrin

“Doctrin is easy to use and navigate and we have been hugely impressed, both with the ease of the system and the support we have had from the company itself”

Dr Miles Langdon,
Chief Medical Officer 2022

“This is true digital transformation, that enriches the patient experience”

Dr Imran Ismail,
Senior Partner

Part of Ramsay Santé

”We were almost shocked about how quickly the transformation happened”

Katarina Wettin,
Regional Medical Chief


Integrate Doctrin seamlessly into your current systems

Doctrin’s platform integrates with several healthcare systems and solutions. Our API’s support business analysis and development with several useful datapoints.

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