Let existing digital tools help increase the capacity of infection prevention work

Early diagnostics, minimized spread of infection before and after diagnosis, rapid and safe progression from suspicion to testing and subsequent quarantine, and the possibility of follow-up are important factors to hinder the progress of the Corona virus, and to maintain a high medical quality and safety. Today’s digital aids could increase the capacity of the existing infection prevention work.

Doctrin’s platform has been able to show good effects on efficiency and quality through automation of the most time-consuming parts of the care process. The platform can further enhance the capacity to optimize the management and reduce the spread of corona virus, and by extension the future epidemic infectious diseases. Below are some examples of parts of the work flow where Doctrin’s platform can play an important role in increasing the capacity of infection protection work to manage the sick, infected and suspected infected.

  1. Non-existent waiting time from symptom to first contact: The patient can contact the health care provider or infectious person by filling in a medical history form. Unlike telephone triage, the person does not have to wait in line to tell about their symptoms, which reduces the risk of the person refraining from seeking contact for suspected infection.
  2. Reduced spread of infection before diagnosis: Sick people who suspect infection can have digital contact with a health  care professional without having to leave the home, which reduces the risk of infection spreading on the way to and at health care facilities.
  3. High quality of medical history regardless of the number of infected: Doctrin’s platform has hundreds of available medical history forms, one of which is valid for Corona virus and covers both typical as well as serious symptoms that can occur in the case of infection. The medical history is made independently of the healthcare staff, which is seen as one of the most important factors for the improved efficiency seen with Doctrin’s platform
  4. Immediate video assessment if needed: In case of suspected serious symptoms, video assessment can be done immediately on the platform.
  5. Standardized, Time-Saving Infection Tracking: Information on people who may have been exposed to infection can be obtained in a standardized way through automated medical history, which unslings time to perform sampling, infection tracking and other currently manual steps.
  6.  Standardized advice depending on the severity of symptoms: The care unit or infection protection unit can design advice or self-care advice adapted to the respective severity of the disease. These can, with just one click, then be sent out to the right patient depending on his or her symptoms.
  7. Unique data structure to follow trends and map characteristics of the disease: The platform has an excellent data structure. This can be used both continuously and afterwards in order to, for example, monitor the number of confirmed infected, most commonly reported symptoms of illness, etcetera.


Do you want to know more about Doctrin’s platform? Contact us at demo@doctrin.se.

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