Tech has a key role in NHS recovery and digital solutions are vital to supporting the pandemic recovery plan

Craig Oates, UK Country Manager gives his view on the NHS National Recovery Plan in Building Better Healthcare:

“Digital services, such as care navigation, digital triage and the use of remote assessments, can pave the way for systems to completely redesign pathways, by routing patient consultations to the most appropriate caregiver from the outset, accelerating access and the delivery of care to the patient.

“While there is great work already being carried out with digital health tools, clearer targets on technology uptake are needed for healthcare organisations and integrated care systems to work towards; based on measures that clearly link digitisation to patient, clinical, and health system outcomes.

“This will help embed a clear focus and drive high levels of digitisation that benefit patients, clinicians and the NHS. Improved staff wellbeing, retention, and patient satisfaction will then follow.

“And we hope the recovery plan will be the driving force behind increasing the use of digital services across primary and secondary care. But, for this to happen, the journey to digital success needs to be more clearly aligned with the wider targets in the plan.”

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