What does the future of digital primary care look like in 2, 5 and 10 years?

UK Country Manager, Craig Oates, gives his view to HTN on the future of digital primary care

“In the next two years it’ll hopefully be easier to share information across ICSs, supporting the handover of patient information to different healthcare organisations, including social care and the third sector, providing a more seamless experience for patients.

“In five years, the majority of patients will expect to contact their primary care provider digitally in the first instance and digi-physical care will be the norm. I’d also expect to see patients take more ownership of their care, with improved digital tools that are tailored to the needs of the primary care network and integrated care system population. There’ll also be a more significant shift towards virtual care and remote monitoring than we already see today.”

It’s harder to predict what the digital primary care landscape will look like in ten years, Craig added.

“As we’ve seen how quickly things can change. Ultimately, we would like to see the reliance on single electronic patient records across healthcare abolished completely – only happening in exceptional circumstances. All patients will be able to access their entire medical records on their own devices, which have become the core EPR, integrating with clinical systems when needed. This ensures patients have completely seamless care and can be supported across ICSs where needed, without the need to repeat themselves.”

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