2024 predictions: Health tech suppliers on what’s in store

The year 2023 has been a significant one as the digital health world continues to develop and advance. Digital Health asked health tech suppliers what they think is in store in 2024. Our CEO Anna-Karin Edstedt Bonamy shares her predictions:

“AI and automation will continue to be a hot topic. However, for the NHS to reap its full benefits there needs to be a greater focus on identifying and automating the segments where providers can derive the most value with the least risk.

“Contrary to emerging views, this often lies beyond symptom assessment or automatic diagnosing. We’ve found from our work in primary care that it tends to be in patient-provider communications and care-coordination processes.”  

“Another focus will be advancements to remote patient monitoring given the on-going pressures on services, which I hope leads to better integration with primary care solutions. It would not only benefit patients by simplifying their healthcare journey but also clinicians, as their workflows are improved and it becomes easier to collaborate.

“This shift could lead to a more streamlined, integrated, and efficient care process, enhancing healthcare delivery for both patients and providers.”

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