Special report: Healthcare technology will underpin the NHS Long-Term Workforce Plan


Building Better Healthcare addresses the newly-published NHS Long-Term Workforce Plan and let Healthtech leaders respond to publication of new staffing plan to address skillls shortages in the NHS. Craig Oates, Managing Director of Doctrin UK at Doctrin, is one of the voices heard in the article, he says: 

“While we commend the current plan’s welcome emphasis on workforce expansion and the use of tech as a catalyst for the care, we believe that it doesn’t go far enough in tackling the current, ongoing, and future workforce shortages and challenges.

“Amidst the pressure and stress care staff are under, and the impact that has on access to care and the capacity to deliver quality care to those who need it, this is a serious concern that demands a stronger, more-resilient approach.

“While it is promising to see AI and other ‘trendy’ tech being highlighted, they are still developing and maturing their governance and identifying any areas of weakness or clinical risk.

“We believe the focus on these shiny new innovations has caused us to overlook the proven benefits of existing and proven innovative technologies and the need for these to be combined with transforming how and where care is delivered.

“For instance, tech doesn’t just automate access and bookings, it validates the traffic and determines who the patient should be seen by, to get the right treatment from the outset, diverting and deflecting to other more-appropriate services and self care, releasing capacity for healthcare teams to focus on those patients who need their skills and expertise most.

“Let’s not forget that tech is a tool to aid, not replace, our workforce.

“The focus should be on finding a balance between embracing new technologies and leveraging the value of existing ones, where tech is the golden thread that patients can follow across the increasingly-complex world of healthcare.”

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